Garage/RV Cover/Carport Colors

*Colors may vary from those displayed. View Inventory for a better look. Not responsible for colors not matching.

Metal Advantages

  • 29 Gauge (Standard)
  • 20 Year Warranty on Standard metal
  • Match your home or existing building(s) or offer a nice contrast or focal point
  • Metal is 100% recyclable & virtually worry-free

Roof Options​

Regular Roof​

This style on your carport or steel building provides the protection you need for your vehicles or equipment at an affordable price and in a variety of sizes. The ends of each truss curving downward provides additional height without taller posts. Also providing additional coverage from the weather.

Boxed Eave

The “A-Frame” roof style creates a traditional and attractive roof line for your carport or steel building for just a little bit more. The panels run the same as the Regular Roof Style. This style is best for warmer and drier climates that don’t require maximum drainage due to harsh weather. The Boxed Eave roof provides 4″ to 6″ of overhang on the sides which are finished with boxed trim.


This roof style has the BEST long-term value and is ideal for protecting your vehicles and equipment from the weather. Having an attractive and traditional roof line with the eave, panels run parallel to the slope creating more efficient drainage and preventing snow build-up. Steel hat channels are utilized the metal panels which add strength. The Vertical roof provides 4″ to 6″ of overhang which are finished with boxed trim on all sides. The best investment to extend the life of your carport or steel building roof.

Siding Options​

For fully enclosed or if 1-3 sides closed

Horizontal siding

Vertical siding