Carport/Steel Building Delivery​

We provide quick delivery & installation.

Most installations can be accomplished within 1 day.

Prior to delivery a TN Steel Buildings representative will contact you to schedule your delivery & installation.

What you’ll need:

  • Make sure the ground is level (gravel or concrete pad*) & the foundation is set
  • The area is clear of debris & the crew has 2 ft (12 ft tall) or 4 ft (13 ft or taller) to work around the building perimeter.
  • A TN Steel Buildings representative will contact you for photos of the installation area to ensure it is level, safe & there is enough room for the crew to work.

After delivery & assembly of your carport/steel building the crew will use magnetic rollers to sweep the assembly area to pick up loose screws.


Lead times are currently 3 – 4 weeks

Lifts are Required for:

All buildings 15 ft or 16 ft tall | All buildings 32 ft & wider| All buildings 26 ft or wider AND 13 ft or taller

Any building with side headers AND 13 ft or taller

*Concrete, Gravel or Ground MUST be level & square, corner to corner. Additional charges may apply if build site is unlevel. Return trip fees may apply if building cannot be installed.